I'm impressed that you're on here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010


Why are my friends so international?
Lexi is in Australia, Isy goes to Indonesia, and ShenHan is LIVING IN BEIJING. Crazy people. And, by the way, USA is a great network.
(Monk + White Collar + Psych = ka-BAM!)


Um, if KHC and E_B get on here, then I shall be pleased...
GYS might show up too.

*cough cough*

Yeah, I'm definitely sick. Sympathy messages will result in a shoutout.

Important Announcment

Are YOU tired of racist people? Then get the skin-color neutralizing hood and robe! It completely disguises your ethnicity! No one can make fun of you for being African American, Jewish, Protestant, or anything else! The only people who DON'T need to wear it are white Catholics! Everyone else can masquerade around in these puppies! Just thought I should let you guys know.


Ok, so people out there, you should know this right now. In a matter of weeks, all current music will be rendered useless. A song will be released. It will be so revolutionary that anyone working for a record label, any budding artists, anyone with a stake in the current music industry, will have their livelihood destroyed. Kasperado Recording™ is gonna blow them out of the water. Just be warned.